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Greetings and Salutations One and All! Alien

Welcome to Para Hunter. We are an eclectic group of Paranormal investigators established as a Group in September 2010. Our Mission is to explore the unusual and unexplained. Our team is happy to investigate claims of paranormal activity or perceived haunting’s. If you are experiencing unusual phenomena and need some clarifications or some support please contact us. We will not divulge any private information regarding you or your location unless you want us to do so. We are willing to investigate homes, businesses or  Other locations which have unusual or unexplained activity…….  We are Happy to Help You  In the North East! We are located in  South Eastern Massachusetts and service the following area’s All of MA & Nearby  NH, VT, CT, and RI. * All of our services are FREE of charge *

*Experiencing Unexplained Noises: hearing unexplained footsteps, scratching, bangs, knocks etc. or witnessing a switch or appliance turning on or off all by itself. *Unexplained Shadows: catching glimpses of shapes or shadows out of the corner of your eye with no one or thing physically there.Or actually witnessing a door open or close on its own for no apparent reason. *Apparitions: physical manifestation of a spirit; they can appear as mists, transparent forms or even solid forms that seem to fade out and disappear right before your eyes.
*Feelings of Being Watched: not an uncommon feeling but combined with other activity can certainly be an important factor in establishing unusual or paranormal activity. *Hearing Voices: hearing a voice (or music) from no apparent source… could be a whisper, cry or even your name being called. *Feelings of Being Touched: feeling something brush by, touched your hair or even feeling a hand on your shoulder – or a nudge when no one is there.

If you or someone you know have in fact experienced any of the activity mentioned above, and you would like some clarification or validation contact us. Note that these are just some of the more common forms of the unexplained or paranormal activity many experience. If you’ve experienced anything that you feel is beyond “normal” perhaps bordering on the “Paranormal” and would like to get some type of an explanation then allow us try to help you.