Equipped! – August-5-2013 – Shannon and Chantel from Spectral Solutions

Spectral SolutionsOur guests were Shannon and Chantel from Spectral Solutions!


Shannon has been interested in the paranormal from a young age. She enjoys the adrenaline rush from being scared. She believes to have experienced “paranormal activity” which has pushed her further into discovering the absolute truth. Shannon has a great interest in the states of human consciousness and how it relates to the paranormal. She intends on furthering her knowledge in this area and hopes to heighten her awareness through research and meditation to help her to better perceive and communicate with the unseen.


prof_Chantel-150x150Chantel has felt a strong calling to all things supernatural since early childhood. She is constantly devouring books and research papers on the subject of the paranormal and has had several experiences with spirits and various degrees of ESP throughout her life. One of the instances involved an entity which she believes to have been quite malevolent and even exhibited signs of demonic behaviour. This experience, though terrifying, only strengthened her on-going search for proof and evidence of the paranormal.

She is continuously working on further developing her sensitive abilities. She has had much success in the areas of psychometry, clairaudience and channeling.

Chantel has a passion for music of every genre, especially Bluegrass. She loves animals, enjoys reading, painting, political & environmental activism and spending time with her three young children (and junior ghost hunters!) She welcomes all questions and comments and would love to hear your experiences with the paranormal!