About Us

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  • Peter Stagman : Co Founder of Para Hunter, Lead Investigator, Researcher, Tech Specialist and Web Design. Pete has been interested in the paranormal his entire life. Although he considers himself a skeptic, his many personal paranormal experiences also make him a believer. Pete’s experience in the military and many years in the I.T. field, including a few years as a computer forensics specialist, make him well suited to analyzing data and debunking evidence.

Our Investigation Process

Pre-investigation – With your help any research and documentation you have about your location will be helpful. This research can include personal experiences or occurrences as well as historical data about the property. The more information we can ascertain before-hand, the better prepared we will be for the actual investigation.

The Pre-investigation – Prior to the actual investigation,we will inspect the lay out of the site with you. During this inspection we will make note of any structural peculiarities, as well as a list of your experiences and specific locations of concern to you. This inspection is necessary in order for us to plan the most effective investigation strategies and equipment utilization. It is imperative that any site we investigate is contamination free. Often a thorough investigation of a said location requires us to investigate in hours of the evening or night when the site will be as uninhabited as possible. This is done to limit contamination such as ambient noise or lights.

Our Investigation – After the inspection,we will plan your investigation and set up the equipment necessary.Our team will investigate the property according to a logical plan, trying to find explanations for events that we or you have experienced or for the events that you have shared with us. We will try to duplicate the experiences or find scientific explanations for odd happenings such as “that feeling of being watched ” in an area with a high emf field. We will use recording equipment in order to confirm or deny the existence of the events we experience or that which you have experienced. Although our goal is to present evidence there is something beyond we understand not everything odd that occurs is “paranormal”.

Post-Investigation Reporting – Once the investigation is completed, we will analyze all of the data collected in order to further explain the events both we and you have experienced. Once the evidence is thoroughly reviewed, we will report to you all of our findings to help you understand the activities you have witnessed.