Mayflower Cemetery, Taunton, MA

This is a video from Mayflower Cemetery. This is the grave of Pearl French. A 4 year old who died of meningitis in the 1880’s. People leave gifts of toys for Pearl, we didn’t disturb anything that was left. Many people have reported that they have seen a young girl sitting in this rocking chair. The chair is carved stone and doesn’t rock. Notice the strange stripe of light that is sitting on the right arm (Form our point of view), it moves away as I walk closer.


Here are a couple pictures of the area taken with a regular digital camera. They are blurry because it was 20 degrees out that night and I was having a hard time keeping the camera still from my shaking.



4 thoughts on “Mayflower Cemetery, Taunton, MA

  1. I live on the southshore Im a paranormal investigator and am planning on investigating with my team.. Who may i ask who you talked to for permission.. if you dont mind.. Thanx

    • Hi Roy, That wasn’t our investigation. That was Paranormal Expeditions gig, I was along for the ride. They were investigating the Red Headed Hitch Hiker case and I was asked along because I know the area. So, I honestly don’t know who to ask. sorry.


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