Paine House RI

July 28 2012 : The investigation followed a BBQ  at the RI home with Ken DaCosta &  members of Rise up Paranormal,  Members from Taps Home Team,  Psychic Medium’s Tiffany Rice, Stephanie Burke and Our good friends Steve and Ryleigh Black of Black Cross Paranormal. This was our first time at the Historic Home. The following evidence was caught during a walk through, impromptu investigation by Pete and I.

The rooms on the second floor of the Paine Home has hosted much reported activity from E .V .P’s to  shadow apparitions and unexplained movement of objects and furniture. We caught this E.V.P as we were walking over to a small back room off the “sewing room” on the second floor.  They have labeled  this room we were  going into as “Sarah’s room”. We believe the E.V.P caught is of a pre adolescent girl, Sarah who is said to have died at the Paine home from illness. It seems she tends to wander the second floor of the Historic home. Listen closely and you can hear a young girl speak right after we state we are going to Sarah’s room. It sounds like she does not agree that is her room.Sounds like she says “Don’t believe that..”  followed by what we think is “..don’t you mean the sewing room?”  We know the second half of the E.V.P.  is  a bit hard to hear, but the “don’t believe that ..” is very clear. Of course at the time we were recording we did not hear anything, and it was very quiet in the home.

don’t believe that…don’t you mean the sewing room?. 

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