Putnam Ct revisited 5/5/12

On May 5th we revisited  the Putnam CT home. It was a quiet night and a little bit of a different feel to the place as compared to our last visit in September 2011. Back in Sept 2011 we had some positive results indicating the presence of an entity we believed to be named Harold.We were attempting to find out a name of the “man” in the attic. Re were told people often saw an image of a man on the third floor attic window when the home was being renovated over last summer. Upon our original venture into the home back in September we did have several positive results using a K2 meter.The name came up randomly during a K2 session on the Stairs. Unfortunately we did not get any EVPS that trip. After our original hunt in September Kim did some addition research on the property and learned there was a care taker of this (once carriage) house and he was  named Harold. This time around the people of the house state that there is a woman spirit which visits in the master Bedroom on the second floor we do not know her name. Here is an EVP we caught  on the second floor as we were leaving one bedroom and heading back down to the bottom floor.When we caught this we were leaving the Bedroom the woman apparition appears by the window. You will hear us talking and walking away, then a some one says “Oh I’ve seen those..” and immediately following is what sounds like a soft raspy female whisper which says…Bring Harry. Have a listen head phones are best and please tell us if you think it says. As we were reviewing the EVP we went back and forth on it Bring Harry or I’m Harry…Alien

Bring Harry

Bring Harry

This is another EVP we caught, we headed up to Roses room early in the investigation. In the room was Kim , myself and Pete we just walked into the room we did not hear anything in the room but the recorder caught this an older woman’s voice clearly calling out …GO AWAY… after the evp you will here me announce we are in Roses Room . The evp is very clear and in the very beginning immediately following the footsteps.

evp go away.. in roses bed room 5-5-12


This next EVP is the same voice as the GO AWAY..Kim and I are talking downstairs and we left a digital recorder up in Roses Bedroom you here me say caught then a a woman’s voice says Lady.. it may say Baby too not sure have a listen and tell me what you say it comes up near end of the clip.

EVP2upsatirs.. Lady.


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