Shanley Hotel 6/23/12

We spent the night at the Shanley Hotel as guest investigators of Glory Haunt Hounds on June 23rd 2012. What a beautiful building! Sal is doing an amazing job of restoring it to it’s once brilliant state.

Here’s a couple pics of the hotel taken from my cell phone when we first arrived onsite.

One of the guest rooms

Bordello Waiting Area




We are still reviewing evidence, but here is an EVP that was caught in the Bordello by Kim.

Eric and Kim are upstaris in the bordello. Donna and Pete come up the stairs as they’re talking. Kim says “I’m not staying in that room.” Eric says, “We’ll be right here” and laughs.
Then there’s another voice with a Southern or maybe British accent that says, “No runnin’ off now”, or “Go runnin off now”.

No runnin off now

No runnin off now

And here is a video of a Temporal Analysis I did of the EVP. You can see that the voice that says “No runnin off now” has a different vocal pattern than anyone else that’s talking. Human voices usually contain MANY frequencies of audio, you can see that as different horizontal bands. There are fewer frequencies in the EVP voice analysis. That doesn’t make it paranormal, but it does make it odd.

This is video from the bordello. A team of investigators had come into the room and done an EVP session. About 10 minutes after they leave, this was captured on the static DVR camera that was placed in the room.

 The Next EVP  is one we caught during an all gal session in the what is referred to the Gentleman’s quarters. No women were allowed in this section of the Hotel back in the day. It was a part of the hotel reserved for Men travelers only, passing through on their was to NYC or where ever. Funny though it was located right under the Bordello in the Hotel. We decided to send in three ladies to do some evp’s, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. We asked  the Gentleman of the room which would they prefer..a Blonde,a Brunette or a Redhead?? After we asked DO you like Blondes?? There is a male voice that says.. “I  want that… , or I like that… ” (Best heard with ear phones). WE did not hear it at the time, I proceeded to ask if they fancy brunettes.

Gentlemans room do u like blondes..I want

This next EVP was caught in the Gentleman’s quarters. We had several spikes in emf and a drop of 6 degrees in temperature . There was no air conditioning running  and no fans running in the room. The temp in room when we entered was about 80/81 degrees. I was about to ask if anyone was with us and if so can  they touch the silver button on the pen light to let us know they were there and we received  two responses immediately following each other the first one sounds like a  faint female voice whispering  “do it..” immediately followed by the response from what sounds like an older aggravated male voice with an accent. Once again we did not hear it at the time …. And yes I did say Pen light thingy…

gentlemans room… i won’t do it evp

This next EVP was caught as we were exiting the Third floor after an EVP session in Johnathan’s room. Johnathan was a young guest who was struck  when playing in the road outside the Shanley Hotel by a street car.They brought him in to the Hotel and he died from his injuries. Johnathan is said to haunt the third floor along with a male spirit known as Joe and  Shadows which move down the hallway from the main staircase towards Johnathan’s room. We caught the EVP as we were leaving to go back down stairs. Pete noticed a room with lots of decorations and stuff stored in it. In the far left corner of the Creepy dollroom sat a very creepy looking doll. We all comment on it as we pass. You hear team member Kim state Its just a creepy room and our guest investigator for the evening Erica says hmmm.. then  at this point there is a  slight pause then you will  hear a Small Child’s say in a questioning voice “..My Room? ” (best heard with ear phones). Once again none of us heard anyting at the time. This was not heard till we reviewed the digital recorders.

my room mp3

This EVP was also Caught in Johnathan’s room during our first  of two EVP sessions on the third floor. I ask if Johnathan would like one of our team members to play jacks with him? There is a Slight pause, than you hear a Whispered  male voice say “..NO..” (Best heard with Ear phones). The voice captured has a slight accent to it.

Johnathans room …NO!mp3

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