Slater Mill 4/13/12

On Friday the 13th 2012, we joined Ryleigh, Stephen, and Ryan Black from along with Carl and Keith Johnson, for a tour of Slater Mill!

Slater Mill consists of 3 buildings, the Slater Mill itself, which is notorious for it’s use of child labor and the deaths of many of the children. The Wilkinson Mill, which still has working machinery. And the Sylvanus Brown house, which was moved to the Slater Mill site from it’s original location. The Brown house at one time had 22 people living in it, 18 children and 4 adults.

What a fantastic place to hunt! We were only there about 2 hours and caught tons of EVPs, which I’ll post as I find them.

The first one was as we were walking into the first building. Slater Mill itself.

This EVP sounds like a child humming. We were only inside the building about 30 seconds before I captured this audio. These EVPs were all captured with my POV Video Glasses.


The next EVP came from the Wilkinson mill. It’s just a sound I can’t explain. We did not hear it at the time.

It’s just a groan.


This is as we are leaving the Wilkinson Mill, Steve asks “Where’s Ryan?” his son. Then there’s a few loud clicks and what sounds like a gunshot. I don’t know if the clicks are someone just messing with equipment on the way out or part of a Gunshot EVP, they almost sound like the cocking and firing of a flintlock pistol.


The rest of the EVPs captured with the glasses are from the Sylvanus Brown house.

This one is of someone singing something like DoDoDeDooDoo . . .


We caught the best EVPs after the investigation was actually over. We were sitting in the Sylvanus Brown house discussing our next case. I still had my POV glasses running.

This is a VERY strange EVP! Steve and I are talking about our next case and he was worried that we wouldn’t have internet access. We did NOT hear this at the time. When I listened back, I thought it was Ryleigh making the sounds at first, but then Ryleigh does talk and the audio is over what she is saying! I’ll let you decide what the sounds are…

Brown House 1: 

The next EVP is as we are walking out the door of the Brown house and wrapping up the investigation. There was a music box playing in the background. Carl was using it to try to stir up the ghosts of the children.

This EVP is a whisper, it sounds to us like it says, “I’ve got candy…” Is it trying to get us to stay? Or maybe for the children?

I’ve got Candy: 

I’m still going through the evidence, I’ll post more as I find them!

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  1. I get a lot of whispers and I heard yours clear as day nice job! I have some still waiting to go on my site. a lot of children in my experience whisper, why I’m not sure. some of mine are not as clear i got to get those glasses !

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