Welding Shop

On May 18th we investigated a welding Shop / private  residence. These were the evp’s WE CAUGHT that night.

The first EVP was caught outside the shop near a trailer the owners father stayed in before he died. The response  “Oh Yeah”came after owner asked the question.. if spirit would know to follow us to communicate if we come outside to ask questions..? Right after the owner asks this there is a brief pause and you can hear ” OH yeah” in low raspy voice. Was not heard at time of recording only heard once we reviewed digital recordings with head phones.Its soft  quick and follows immediately after the words in there…are spoken.

Investigation in Western Ma Welding Shop ” Oh Yeah”  

This EVP was aught as were investigating the welding shop, there was a second floor loft area we thought we saw a  dark shadow pass from one side to the other one of our Team climber up there to check it out, as he was returning down the stairs we asked If there was anyone there who would like to communicate speak into the orange light then ..WE caught  a quick Hello… directly following the footsteps. Also at this time on the hunt the Mel Meter jumped to 4 from Zero and  in the area we had a sudden short lived temperature drop. Once again best heard with headphones. Its right after Orange light and footstep..

footsteps then a quick ..hello.. 

This next recording is not exactly an EVP of the typical  disembodied voice variety . This was a strange Hum we kept hearing over and over on all the recording equipment including  the PVO  audio/video glasses we use and sell, all the Video Cameras used, and  the digital recorder’s. There was no equipment operating in the shop while we were investigation , no doors were open, there were no air planes flying over head and the EMF meters reading were flat lined ruling out machinery interference which may be causing the sound. The peculiar thing is this hum occurred nearly every time we asked a question and was heard prior to every typical EVP we caught that night.Once again we did not hear this hum at the time of the investigation and during evp session if a plane flies over head or an outside noise is heard by us  we note that  on the recording.


The next EVP was caught in the shop as we were investigating. The owner of the shop feels his dad’s spirit  frequents the shop and that was the reason he contacted us to do an investigation once he caught the video’s on his trap cameras.Once the Owner heard it he affirmed It sounded like his Father who had passed and it was something his dad said especially near the end before he had to be placed in a Nursing Facility and then later died due to the  sudden onset of  illness. It is quick and best heard with ear phones. A second into play back a voice says..I don’t feel well..not sure what I am catch’n….

i don’t feel well 

The following are 2 cool surveillance videos caught earlier than on investigation date. This is an interesting video. The best part happens in the first second of the video. There’s a rubber mat on the desk, it folds up neatly over itself. I thought it was wind at first, but that mat is pretty heavy.

There’s a curtain in the background that moves through the whole 30 seconds of video. The building was locked up nice and tight, all doors and windows closed. The heating system doesn’t put out that much breeze.


The interesting part of this video happens around the 16 sec point.

There’s what appears to be an orb shooting across the room from right to left at about 8 feet high.

Now, before you say “I don’t believe in orbs” . . . I DON’T BELIEVE IN ORBS! But I don’t know what else to call this. It’s too big to be dust or a bug, I’ve gone through this whole video frame by frame and whatever it is, is large, bright, fast and solid. It blocks out whatever it goes in front of.



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  1. Not sure about the fist clip but the second is compelling purely because of the brightness of the orb and the speed.Thanks.

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