Just say “No” to hitch hikers

Believe it or not when investigating unusual or unexplained activities, they can follow us home. We refer to them as a “hitchhiker”. The term refers to an “entity” or “energy” which attaches itself to you and basically follows you home. Now this entity could be a harmless one , a trickster, or in some cases malicious. I have had a few folks tell me of their experiences with hitchhikers…some humorous and some not so much.

Once a hitchhiker does attach itself to you there is no way of knowing how long they will stay or what they are capable of (much like in-laws Cry) …. NO, no, no but seriously hitchhikers can be an existential PIA! The best thing is to minimize the risk of taking any unexpected energies or guests home with you. Although we do seek evidence of the spirit’s existence after life we do not need to take them home with us. Really…. do you need one more to clean up after..???

Luckily I have not had this happen to me or anyone who has gone out with me ( as of yet) and I hope it never does. Before entering the property I Like to do a thorough sage smudging to all on the investigation and then again before they leave the property.This also includes all and any equipment we bring in. So far we have had good luck with this (Blessed Be).

Other common sense practice’s would be, DO NOT BRING ANYTHING HOME FROM A SITE…What do I mean? Very simple, do not pick up a cool looking rock or any discarded object from a believed to be a haunted place. Sometimes that innocent looking object will be a vehicle for the energy to attach itself to. While investigating another way to minimize the risk of a hitchhiker is try not to invite them to tag along with you or come home with you. Not even as a way to provoke them for EVP sake or in an effort to get them to manifest. Also When you are going to leave the property, room or location let them know you are leaving. Hopefully they will get the hint and stay put. This may be very necessary when your investigating in a spot with activity believed to be caused by Children’s spirits…. young children will follow you for one reason or another, it is important to make it known they cannot come with you.

I know to some of you out there this may sound a bit silly but I bet you would find this information so much more meaningful if you were in your home, perhaps alone, maybe in bed at 3am trying to sleep and suddenly that same “unexplained ” activity begin’s occurring all around you.

I welcome any further discussion on this and invite folks to register and post in our forums page their own experiences or methods used to avoid picking up the “hitchhiker”.

Remember Just say “NO” to Hitchhikers, Blessed Be and Happy Hunting!!!Alien

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