Equipped! – August-5-2013 – Shannon and Chantel from Spectral Solutions

Spectral SolutionsOur guests were Shannon and Chantel from Spectral Solutions!


Shannon has been interested in the paranormal from a young age. She enjoys the adrenaline rush from being scared. She believes to have experienced “paranormal activity” which has pushed her further into discovering the absolute truth. Shannon has a great interest in the states of human consciousness and how it relates to the paranormal. She intends on furthering her knowledge in this area and hopes to heighten her awareness through research and meditation to help her to better perceive and communicate with the unseen.


prof_Chantel-150x150Chantel has felt a strong calling to all things supernatural since early childhood. She is constantly devouring books and research papers on the subject of the paranormal and has had several experiences with spirits and various degrees of ESP throughout her life. One of the instances involved an entity which she believes to have been quite malevolent and even exhibited signs of demonic behaviour. This experience, though terrifying, only strengthened her on-going search for proof and evidence of the paranormal.

She is continuously working on further developing her sensitive abilities. She has had much success in the areas of psychometry, clairaudience and channeling.

Chantel has a passion for music of every genre, especially Bluegrass. She loves animals, enjoys reading, painting, political & environmental activism and spending time with her three young children (and junior ghost hunters!) She welcomes all questions and comments and would love to hear your experiences with the paranormal!

Equipped! July 29, 2013 – Helmey Kramer of Bio’s Haunted Encounters

Helmey Desert Helmey was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. As an avid skier, he made the painful decision to accept a hired gun position in a profession, based in the Midwest, where there are no mountains. With all that extra time he managed to find the love of his life and future wife before returning to Utah. Helmey, also known as the paranormal linebacker, has had a lifelong fascination with the paranormal. His other passions are training dogs in multiple disciplines, winter sports, and supporting canine rescue. With his interests in the paranormal and work with dogs, Helmey developed a revolutionary method to formally train and incorporate canine investigators to be valuable and contributing members of a paranormal team, not just a novelty. Helmey goldfieldAs Helmey views the paranormal, it is with no preconceived result. He believes in experiencing the energy of the scenes where extraordinary events occurred, heinous acts were committed, or violent people hid themselves. He is open to the possibility that he will find nothing or something relevant. He believes in himself and the people who contribute to who he is. His approach is not bound by tradition, but rather by principle and the promise of a more complete understanding of the paranormal experience. While stories are entertaining, Helmey is a tangible evidence kind of guy. He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel, just a more effective one, when applied to field work. He believes in constantly evolving by integrating both new and old technology with innovative and at times unconventional methodology in a dynamic that will achieve the best possible result. It is said, insanity, loosely defined, is repeating the same action while expecting a different outcome. Helmey is determined, that will not happen on his watch.

Equipped! – July 8, 2013 – Author, Jeff Mudgett – Ontario Paranormal Inquest Society OPIS

Jeff Mudgett  Imagine waking up one otherwise normal day to be told you are the direct descendant of the Doctor of Death and the Prince of Darkness. That Herman Webster Mudgett, aka H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer and most prolific mass murderer, the very embodiment of evil, the devil personified, is your Great-Great Grandfather.

    What would you have done upon learning your ancestor may have been ‘Jack the Ripper’, and was the real-life Hannibal Lecter?  You would have done exactly what the author did and gone on a quest to unearth the truth, writing about a series of dark and dangerous adventures, no questions barred, to determine his ancestry. The resulting story shatters significant chunks of history as we know it.

OPISThe members of OPIS strive to help individuals in the community by gaining answers to their paranormal experiences.

We are focused on consistently growing our network, which allows us to expand our knowledge to better assist the community.

OPIS wants to bring peace to the home and to the mind.

If there is any reason to suspect you are not alone in your home or place of business, do not hesitate to contact the team. We are here to help!

OPIS prides themselves in their professionalism and guarantees confidentiality.

Equipped! – June 24, 2013 – High Spirits Paranormal

High Spirits ParanormalHigh Spirits Paranormal officially formed in November 2012 but some of the members where doing paranormal stuff their own, we are not for profit organization, our quest is too investigate the rich history that Ontario,Canada has.

We have four members Dan Misur, Dale Quigley, Brigette Misur and Chris Lobsinger.

Dale Quigley and Dan Misur are the co-founders of the team & will be the guests on #Equipped!

Please visit our website www.highspiritsparanormal.com where you can view our investigations and evidence.

Equipped! – June 10, 2013 – Demonologist Carl Johnson and Bigfoot Hunter Dina Palazini

Carl JohnsonCarl L. Johnson has been researching unorthodox subjects and investigating reports of unexplained occurrences for the past three decades, beginning with a research team under the auspices of Rhode island College, plus his association with parapsychologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Carl was a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society for eight years and appeared on the SyFy Channel series Ghost Hunters. Carl is featured on episodes of the Animal Planet series, The Haunted, and The Travel Channel’s documentary, Most Terrifying Places in America. Specializing as a demonologist, Carl writes and lectures on related topics, his presentations directed towards analysis of phenomena.

Equipped! – June 3, 2013 – Spirit Mediums Tiffany Rice & Stephanie Burke

Our Guests were Spirit Mediums Tiffany Rice and Stephanie Burke.

Tiffany Rice:
Website: http://www.tiffanyrice.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spiritmediumtiffany.rice

Stephanie Burke:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.burke.10

Throughout the years, Tiffany Rice has always had a sense “knowing”. Upon becoming a Reiki Master, Tiffany became aware of her senses increasing. Being able to identify with fellow colleagues that were Mediums, she knew her gift was accelerating. Tiffany began to embrace this awareness and studied under her colleague and good friend, Maureen Hancock. Tiffany is now a renowned Spirit Medium and Talk show host of Spirit Connections. Tiffany is intrigued by the paranormal and takes a very special interest in this field. She knows the paranormal is an extension of the Spirit World and finds this area intriguing as it is still a continuation of our loved ones. Spirit simply chooses to have an uncanny connection to certain locations.

The subject of paranormal activity spans over a wide range of topics and theories which Tiffany loves exploring!
STEPHANIE BURKE is a Spirit Medium and Reiki Master/Teacher, and she is an instructor at the Wind Walker Healing and Learning Center in New Bedford. She has been very intuitive since she was a young child, having the gift passed down from previous generations. She uses this gift to help others understand that death doesn’t mean the end, but rather a beginning to a new chapter. Stephanie also practices Reiki to help others heal, regain balance to their energy, and to add positive changes to their lives. Stephanie is also part of Spirit Connections and was previously a part of Wareham Community Television’s Phantom P.I.

Equipped! – May 27, 2013 – Brian J Cano from Syfy’s Haunted Collector

Our Guest was Brian Cano from Haunted Collector!

We had to cut the show to an hour because of a family issue that came up for me during the first hour. But it was a fun & interesting hour none the less.

You can see Brian as part of the Q&A panel at Ft. William Henry here.


Brian on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrmister22?fref=ts

Brian on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrianJCano

Listen to the Podcast below!

Equipped! – May 20, 2013 – Daniel Hooven from Bio’s Haunted Encounters

Daniel Hooven from Bio’s Haunted Encounters

Dan Hooven

We just shot the shit about everything for 2 hours. Good times . . .

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DanielHooven

Equipped! – May 13, 2013 – Joe Chin from GHI – Ryleigh & Steve from BlackCross Paranormal

Our guests were

Joe Chin from GHI

Ryleigh & Stephen Black from BlackCross Paranormal

Equipped – April 29, 2013 – Ben Hansen – Para-History Con Q&A Session

Our guest tonight was Ben Hansen from SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked!

We had 30 fantastic minutes talking with Ben.

Then we played a 40 minute Q&A session from the Para-History Con at Ft. William Henry, Lake George NY.

On the Q&A panel was:

John Zaffis, Brian J. Cano, Joe Chin, Adam Berry, Aaron Sagers, Rev. Tim Shaw & John Brightman!